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LÎLA Dance Alchemy for the Soul

Change the way you see the World and yourself through the lens of LÎLA

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Connect & Reflect
a LÎLA Dance Alchemy for the Soul in Person Event

What if every person you met

Anyone you have a relationship with

Any stranger you make eye contact with

Creates their own version of “you” in their heads?

What if there were countless versions of you out there
Just from you being conjured up in people’s minds?

And if a different  "Who You Really Are" exists
in each one of them

Including the one in your own mind.

Read that again

Then consider...

What if you are not a fixed Self?

What if…
You are not really your past.
You are not the thoughts in your head.
You are not your memories or experiences.
You are not even, necessarily, the person that you think you see when you catch your own reflection.
And you are SO much more than you ever thought...

If you are:

  • Feeling uninspired by life or your day to day routine

  • Overly self-critical

  • Tired and isolated from pandemic reality

  • Dissociated and numb in your body

  • Stuck in your head and the little negative voice that keeps criticizing you and others

  • Disconnected from others

  • Missing experiencing a deeper connection from being with people

Register LÎLA Connect & Reflect

Connect & Reflect
Saturday, June 4

This new, in person, LÎLA Dance Alchemy for the Soul event, will explore what it means to intentionally create brand new perceptions of yourself and others. By playing with movement, visual reflection, and shifting points of perspective, we will inquire about the nature of ourselves and others. Find freedom, fresh perspectives, and new possibilities for relating and being with other people in sometimes unpredictable, illuminating ways.

Join us for a magical inquiry into new spaces of freedom, self-discovery and deep connection.

*at ZenSpace Studios
$30 via PayPal, Zelle or Venmo



1. Make your payment via PayPal, Zelle or Venmo with these links-
PayPal: @KristenMangione

Venmo: @Kristen-Mangione
IMPORTANT: Please be sure to include your contact email in your payment notes to ensure receiving confirmation and event details

2. After receipt of your payment, you will receive a registration confirmation via email

*Workshop is open to a limited number of participants due to COVID spacing restrictions. Masks must be worn for entirety of workshop

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