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Stop Fighting the Waves and Learn to Dance with Life

Take Your First Step with Dance Alchemy!

Hi, I’m Kristen, a Dance Artist, Teacher, and the creator of LÎLA.
I specialize in Dance Alchemy, a transformational process through movement awareness.

If You Are Feeling...

Fatigued, overworked and in need of something that can energize your mind, bod and emotions

Ready to feel confident and authentic about who you are

Ready to transform the areas in your life that you've been ignoring and feel out of touch with...


My creation, LÎLA, is a soulful method. In its signature
Dance Alchemy, you can release blocked emotional energy and help you reconnect and creatively express your inner
SELF through dance movement.

When you experience Dance Alchemy you can...

Become aware of what your body (and mind's!) habitual blocks are to release them

Increase your pleasure, freedom and confidence

Take action to move powerfully forward in your life

Feel inspired to live FULLY in the World

The first step? 
Experience freedom with my  FREE DANCE ALCHEMY...

2022-03-10 07.31_edited.png

Stop Fighting & Start Dancing!
Experience freedom with


PS once you understand how you move, you’ll be able to find greater ease and confidence by flowing more with life!

Why people love LÎLA...

What I got from LÎLA meant so much to me and helped me on so many levels. I find that I’m getting more comfortable expressing my feelings and point of view, especially in my job. - Tara C.

I feel more comfortable in my body.
In expressing how I feel whether its being true to myself or expressing it to others. It's been a truly enlightening and empowering experience.
- Donna F.

I experienced a range of emotions and was reminded to trust my instincts. The biggest shift I observed was that when I am balanced, I am more likely to recognize and trust my intuition. - Sarah T.

The win for me with LÎLA was changing fear to hope. I could feel safe no matter where I am and trust I'm OK to be who I am and embrace my own uniqueness. - Chisaku L.
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