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LÎLA Divine Play
Discovery Workshop

with Kristen Mangione

Reclaim Your Most Authentic YOU
Discover, Reclaim and Heal Your
Chakra Energy System


Wednesday, November 13

Space is Limited
Preregistration Required



Eastern Philosophy believes the 7 major energy centers in the body govern, balance and direct the path of our unique life's destiny. Childhood conditioning, unconscious limiting beliefs, cultural conditioning, habits as well as our day to day living can dramatically impact the degree to which each chakra, and more importantly its function, is working in balance and most effectively. This discovery workshop will include  visually guided meditations, developmental movement, dance, and energy awareness to create an embodiment experience of healing and re balancing within the chakra system.

Dance experience is not required. Suited for anyone interested in self development and awareness through body mind practices (such as dance, meditation, yoga, healing arts).

What is LÎLA?

  • LÎLA  (Pronounced LEE-lah) means Divine Play in Sanskrit and is a new dance meditation program created by Kristen Mangione

  • It combines guided dance improvisation with meditation visualizations, energy awareness and  creative embodiment experiences based on the philosophies of the ancient Indian chakra system as well as Western physiological development.

  • Grounded in the physicality of the body, it works on multiple levels with the brain and sensory awareness. This is done through verbally guided experiences that use visual imagery, metaphor, and awareness of specific areas of the body.

  • It draws on the practice of shifting the brain’s awareness from the hyperactive, intellect into a deeper consciousness, sensory-based experience, so that the Parasympathetic Nervous System and healing responses are activated.

  • Emphasis is based on experiential inquiry and play. Learning is through discovery.

  • Participants have experienced results including increased positive emotions such as joy and compassion, as well as healing release of grief, sadness and apathy.  Increased self confidence, feeling more secure, enhanced intuition and ability to better communicate include just some of the other benefits.

  •  Open to both those with and without dance experience.

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