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LÎLA Dance Alchemy for the Soul

Change the way you see the World and yourself through the lens of LÎLA

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LÎLA Dance Alchemy for the Soul

LÎLA is a profound discovery process designed to release blocked energy, elevate self confidence and

align you to your greatest Self.

More than a class or workshop, LÎLA is a mixture of dance, play, healing and creative journeying.


LÎLA means “Divine Play” in Sanskrit and signifies its unique approach. Its hybrid format is the synthesis of creator, Kristen Mangione’s over two decades of professional dance and healing arts experience.

Participants are guided through an alchemical process for the body and mind. Each signature Dance Alchemy combines guided dance/movement improvisation with meditative breath, energy awareness and creative play for a heightened experience somewhere between shamanic journeying and art.

Each event or session is designed around a central theme to reveal deep insight and aha moments.  Discovery is found in bringing unconscious patterns to the surface through how your body moves.  When your body and nervous system are listened to, forgotten thoughts, decisions and patterns can emerge and shift, giving you profound new possibilities in areas that were before blocked, stuck or felt otherwise limited.

Part of LÎLA's magic is what we all have common- the experience of living life in our BODIES.

LÎLA events are for those who love dance, movement, self discovery and the of magic of being in motion.  Whether you have studied dance all your life, or never before.

With LÎLA, its the subtle noticing that helps you to create your own magic...

It is designed to revisit, heal and transform hidden core limitations. This can lead you to hearing what you actually want deep down, what you need to do, and get you excited again by the possibility of your life.

Discover what LÎLA can do for you

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Is LÎLA for me?

LÎLA is for creatives, soul seekers and anyone wanting more confidence

and greater self-expression in their lives

For anyone wanting:

  • Re-connection with their mind, body and emotions

  • Greater confidence and clarity in their life and career path

  • Deep soul searching to break up old patterns

  • Lasting change and inspiration

  • Connection to their own truth and inner compass

LILA video
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“Through LÎLA I feel more comfortable in my body,
I feel more comfortable expressing how I feel."

- Donna F.

What benefits can I expect?

LÎLA benefits include:

  • Big breakthroughs and ah ha moments

  • The healthy benefits of living stress free

  • Letting go and releasing trauma in the body

  • Finding more peace and compassion for yourself and others

  • Dissipating anxiety so that peace and calm set in

  • Creating new standards for yourself

  • Learning how to better self-nurture

  • Reaching for your passions in life

  • Discovering what's really important to you, setting goals and reaching them

  • Feeling empowered & excited about the future

  • Falling back in love with yourself

  • Breakthroughs in Creativity

  • Vibrating as a loving being, and become truly unconditionally loving with all your relationships (even the most intense ones that normally trigger you)

  • Creating healthy boundaries

  • Hearing what you really want and listening to that

  • Become truly aligned with yourself and your inner values


Is LÎLA appropriate for me if I have never studied dance before?
Yes! It is designed and appropriate for anyone. Because it is based on your own interpretation of the movements, it is beneficial regardless of previous experience with movement.

Is LÎLA appropriate for me if I dance regularly, or I used to?

Yes! It is equally appropriate if you are returning to dance or if you dance currently.

What is a LÎLA experience like?

LÎLA  in person events are typically for a small group of people in the studio space.

In Live stream online events participants are on a Zoom platform in their individual spaces with cameras on so that a virtual shared space is created while each person is moving in their own space.  You will want an open area of at least a few feet or meters around you so you can move freely without obstacles.


In either setting, you will be verbally guided through a series of meditative movement explorations around a theme. You may be working at times with the eyes closed as well as open, in order to use imagery and activate the body-mind connection.

The theme of each particular LÎLA will inform exactly what kind of movements and exploration you will be playing with. The atmosphere is a very safe, supportive space and encourages discovery through the physical, emotional and mental levels all being engaged simultaneously.

What do I wear for LÎLA and do I need any props?
Comfortable workout apparel that you can move and lie down in is best.  Any of the following- tank tops, t shirts, yoga pants, sweats and leggings are all appropriate.

Socks are recommended as you will be asked to remove your shoes.
Props are generally not required, unless otherwise noted in your registration confirmation before the event.

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