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LÎLA Dance Alchemy for the Soul

Change the way you see the World and yourself through the lens of LÎLA

When was the last time you felt HAPPY for no reason?


Time to Play
a LÎLA Dance Alchemy for the Soul in Person
POP UP Outdoor Event

When was the last time you allowed yourself time to play?
And let yourself REALLY enjoy...

As children we innately know how to play
We know how to enjoy ourselves…
Without hesitation

As adults, it’s rare that we have any time to play
Or take the opportunity to DELIGHT...

In the pleasure of things like
Running in the grass
Hiding amongst the trees
Delighting in soft breezes
Engaging in games for the sake of having FUN

What if you took Time to Play again?

For the PLEASURE of it
For the DISCOVERY of it
Without hesitation

If you've ever noticed how children Play…

How they
Are endlessly fascinated by what’s around them
Know how to move, easily and joyfully
Are willing to explore and discover
Can find happiness NO MATTER WHAT
Are unafraid to feel and express delight

What if you could reconnect with just some of those innate capacities...


If you are:

  • Feeling uninspired by life or your day to day routine

  • Stressed out and overworked

  • Stuck in your head and the little voice of negativity

  • Disconnected from your body

  • Missing connection with others and having fun

  • Craving more laughter, lightness and ease

  • Wanting more playfulness, creativity and wonder...

Register LÎLA Time to Play

Time to Play
Saturday, September 10

a LÎLA POP UP Event at
Columbus Square Park

900 Clinton Street
Hoboken, NJ

This in person, LÎLA Dance Alchemy for the Soul event, will explore what happens when we allow ourselves to play. 

Explore things like meandering along pathways, looking for clues, playing games and moving your body while seeing the World with fresh eyes. 

Take time to be outdoors, move, meditate and look with wonder.  Rekindle your childlike spirit while tapping into your innermost wisdom.

This special POP UP Event includes individually guided movement improvisation and play exploration.

Each participant will listen to and follow a recording through ear buds or earphones with their mobile phone.*  In an experience tailored for this park environment, explore playing while being in wonder.

*Each participant is required to provide their own mobile phone and earbuds/earphones for the event.
See instructions below regarding registration and how to access the event recording.

at Columbus Square Park

900 Clinton Street, Hoboken, NJ
$25 via Zelle , Venmo, Check or Cash

or $20/per person when you sign up with a Friend!


1. Make your payment via  Zelle or Venmo with these links-
Venmo: @Kristen-Mangione
(If you prefer to pay by cash or check, please
email us)
Please note all sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges. 
IMPORTANT: Please be sure to include your contact email in your payment notes to ensure receiving confirmation and event details.

2. After receipt of your payment, you will receive a registration confirmation via email.

3. On the day of event, you will receive a link to the event's audio component which you will be listening to on your mobile device through your headphones or earbuds during the live event.

This event is open to all, no experience is needed.
Masks are not required, but may be worn at individual discretion.  Social distancing will be maintained for this event.

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