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About ZenSpace

Do you love to dance or wish you could learn?  Its never too late.
ZenSpace Studios are a nurturing, serene space for dancing.  Our adult dance classes and workshops,
offered both again live and virtually, focus on safe, alignment based and mindful techniques. 
Suited for both absolute beginners as well as experienced students,
we offer the joy and transformative power of movement.

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Are you stressed, overworked or feeling like something is missing from life?  Its time to dance. Whether you have never danced before, or you once used to, its never too late to begin or begin again.  Connect to you body, listen to its wisdom and feel brand new.


Hi! I'm Kristen (The Dance Alchemist).
I am the Founder and Director of ZenSpace. It is my privilege to offer services that are a  direct reflection of my own lifelong passion for dance and self discovery. Everything I do is designed to enliven and empower you!
  Let's dance...


Welcome to the ZenSpace community! A safe, supportive, and empowering environment where you are free to try new things!  Discover new capacities in your body and go beyond what you thought you could do with a mindful, intelligent approach.

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Open Level Modern Jazz

Beginner Workshop | Tuesday March 12 at 7:30pm

"Dancing at ZenSpace gives me a safe space to express myself without judgement for perfection, and freedom to just move in being me."

- Emily W.

Director & Founder


Director & Instructor
Rommett Floor-Barre®

Modern Jazz Dance

LÎLA Dance Alchemy for the Soul

Kristen Mangione is a visionary dance artist,  whose career spans over two decades in the arenas of professional dance, the healing arts and metaphysical studies.  Her work has helped countless individuals open the doors to new possibilities in their lives.

Stop Fighting the Waves and
Learn to Dance with Life

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Are You Feeling...

Fatigued, overworked and in need of something
that can energize your mind, bod and emotions
Ready to feel confident and authentic about who you are
Ready to transform the areas in your life that you've been
ignoring and feel out of touch with...

Discover LÎLA's Dance Alchemy
Release Blocked Emotional Energy
Reconnect to Your Inner SELF
through Dance Movement

When you experience Dance Alchemy you can...

Become aware of what your body (and mind's!)
habitual blocks are to release them

Increase your Pleasure, Freedom and Confidence

Take Action to Powerfully Move Forward in Your Life

Feel Inspired by Living FULLY in the World

The first step?


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